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Different curl patterns require specific treatments to keep them looking moisturized and healthy

Just like our fingerprints or our personalities, everyone has different types of hair. When it comes to curly hair, there are also specific types curl patterns that may require different products.


What curls do you have?

A few variations include:

  • close to straight, but loose waves

  • mostly straight at the roots, but well-defined curls towards the tips

  • s-shaped waves

  • tight ringlets

  • loose spirals

  • corkscrew curls

How to style your curls

The type of curls you have decide what issues you will have with them and what styling products you should use.

A styling product should ideally be able to:

  1. lock in the hair’s moisture

  2. provide curl definition

  3. provide protection from heat damage

  4. reduce frizz

To keep curls looking healthy, make sure you don’t use hair dryers or straightening irons every day.

How to shampoo your curls

There’s one thing they have in common: all curls need a good foundation – great cleansing and a healthy scalp.

No matter what type of pattern you have, your hair can’t look its best if it isn’t clean, or if your scalp is dry and flaky.

Healthy curls come from a healthy, moisturized scalp. This is where our Moisture Care Shampoo comes in. Dirt, oil and product build-up are lifted from your hair and you are left with fragrant, defined and healthy curls.

The formula with vitamin E–rich almond oil and coconut essence ensures your scalp is nourished with moisture – helping eliminate dryness and flakes.

For extra relief when your scalp feels tight and itchy, use our Moisture Care Scalp Soother. Designed for in-between washes, spritz your hair when you’re on the go and enjoy the cooling sensation of peppermint oil.

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