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It’s our job to free the world of dandruff so that everyone can live confidently. That’s why we set incredibly high standards for ourselves, and for our products.


Whenever we make a shampoo or conditioner, we have two things in mind: does it work brilliantly to get rid of dandruff? And, is it safe and enjoyable to use?

We think that everyone who uses Head & Shoulders should be able to find out about how we make sure our products tick both of those boxes every time.

We’ve conducted over 225 clinical studies and use a variety of methods to ensure our products are safe and effective.

Alongside testing our products to make sure they work safely and well, we are also constantly researching topics ranging from the development of dandruff treatments, the cause of dandruff and the development of new measures to assess scalp health.

Science has always been at the heart of Head & Shoulders, helping to keep you and your family safe and helping us to fight dandruff even more effectively.

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