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Leave no packaging in landfill. Make packaging circular.


Packaging plays a critical role in delivering products to our consumers. It protects our formulas, provides information on our products and forms part of our brand identity.

We know that our consumers care about what happens to the packaging of the products they purchase and what it is made of. We do too.

That is why we have been working hard to make our packaging not only recyclable, but to also incorporate recycled content in it.

We continue to improve our packaging through a combination of material choice, packaging design and working with others to create new innovative solutions for recycling.

All of our Head & Shoulders HDPE bottles are recyclable*.

By the end of this year, our HDPE bottles sold in Western Europe will contain up to 25% recycled plastic.

Head & Shoulders created the world’s first recyclable shampoo bottle made from beach plastic. In doing so, we cleaned up over 200 beaches around Europe of plastic waste and worked with over 1000 volunteers and 100 NGO’s. The United Nations recently recognised this project by awarding us with their prestigious  UN Momentum for Change Award.

Our ambition for 2030: 100% of our packaging will be recyclable and reusable.

*infrastructure dependent