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There are many rumors circulating online about how changes in your lifestyle can improve or even cure dandruff. But are any of themtrue?

1. Brushing your hair regularly stops dandruff

Brushing your hair can help the skin cells on your scalp to shed naturally, and also spreads natural oils evenly down the hair.

However, since dandruff results from an overproduction of skin cells, brushing your hair more won’t solve the root cause of dandruff.

Verdict: False

2. More sun exposure will prevent dandruff symptoms

It’s true that sun exposure helps produce vitamin D, but this alone can’t prevent dandruff. That’s because the 3 factors proven tocause dandruff are present all year long, even in the sunny summer months:

  1. scalp oils

  2. the microbe Malassezia globosa

  3. a sensitivity to the microbe

You should also be careful when out in the sun as too much exposure can seriously damage your skin.

Verdict: False

3. Changing your diet can get rid of dandruff

From upping your vitamin B and zinc intake to cutting out yeast-containing foods, there are plenty of suggested links between diet anddandruff.

But in reality, there is no evidence that cutting out certain foods or taking supplements affects the dandruff-causing microbe Malassezia.

Verdict: False

4. Stress can make dandruff worse

There are a number of different environmental factors that can make skin conditions worse – and stress is one of them. It doesn’t causedandruff, but published studies have shown that it can seriously aggravate your symptoms.

So if you’re already prone to dandruff, stress might cause it to flare up or appear worse.

Verdict: True

So can you make a change to get rid of dandruff?

Some lifestyle changes might help you avoid a dandruff flare-up, but the reality is that dandruff is a chronic condition that doesn’t have a true “cure.”

However, anti-dandruff shampoos and conditioners can help prevent dandruff from reappearing, with active ingredients that protect yourscalp from dandruff triggers between washes.

Here are 3 tips to fight dandruff:

  1. Wash frequently – 3 times per week or more

  2. Use dandruff shampoos exclusively

  3. Skip beauty shampoos/conditioners that don’t have dandruff actives

Head & Shoulders protects your scalp from dandruff triggers with Pyrithione Zinc (ZPT) micro-actives that are left behind after rinsing, to help keep dandruff from coming back.

Skip products that don’t have dandruff actives – these can actually wash ZPT away, reducing your level of protection against dandruff.

So use Head & Shoulders every time you wash your hair. There are plenty to choose from, like Smooth & Silky for frizzy hair or Refresh Shampoo for Men for an invigorating clean.

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