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Struggling to choose the dandruff solution for you? It’s easier than you might think – in fact, there are just 3 things to look for to find a dandruff shampoo that works.


1. It works on dandruff

Obvious, we know, but the first thing you need to think about is, will it get rid of dandruff? There are plenty of dandruff solutions out there, but some clearly work better than others.

A lot of that comes down to the active ingredient. Pyrithione zinc (ZPT) has been proven in hundreds of clinical studies to work against dandruff – plus, it’s got the thumbs up from regulatory bodies around the world, including the FDA in the U.S.

But all ZPT shampoos are not made equal. In Head & Shoulders anti-dandruff shampoos . It helps fight flakes better by moisturizing the scalp and, paired with ZPT, helps keep the dandruff-fighting ingredient in its most effective form for maximum power.

2. Gives you the hair you want

Treating dandruff is the first step. Any shampoo worth its salt also needs to give you great-looking hair, and that all comes down to the variant you choose.

We combine our dandruff-fighting actives with different ingredients to help deliver a wide range of benefits across more than 15 types of shampoo. So, you can get:

  • Smooth, conditioned hair– you need a moisturizing shampoo that will condition every strand. For this, try our Dry Scalp Care with Almond Oil Shampoo – with three moisturizers, it’s our highest conditioning formula

  • Stronger, thicker hair– if you’re seeing a lot of hair on your pillow in the morning, it could be that your hair is weak and therefore breaking off. Try our Full and Strong Shampoo – it helps tackle damage caused by dandruff, so your hair grows from a healthy scalp, making it stronger and less prone to breakage1

  • A deep clean– if you want a deeper clean feeling, Deep Clean 2-in-1 is designed to leave your hair feeling extra clean, while lightweight moisturizers prevent it from feeling dry or stripped.

  • Damage care – if your hair is damaged – whether it’s by something like swimming or over-styling your hair – you need something that contains nourishing moisturizers to help to restore it and prevent future damage. It’s best here to go for a damage rescue shampoo

3. Does it pass the sniff test?
Yes, we know. Dandruff shampoos smell medicinal, right? Not really. In fact, ours are some of the best smelling shampoos around.

We add fresh scent technology to every bottle of Head & Shoulders – whether it’s green apples, refreshing mint or zesty citrus scents.

It keeps your hair smelling great both in the shower and for the rest of the day.

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