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So you think you might have dandruff. What signs should you be looking for? Find out with our expert guide.

The symptom everyone knows about – visible flakes
Flakes are the most noticeable sign of dandruff. You might see them on your scalp and hair, as well as on your shoulders.

Dandruff flakes can range from being quite small and white to large and yellowish in the most severe cases. They are formed when yourskin cells renew more quickly than normal – the excess dead cells form the visible flakes.

A red and irritated scalp
You might also see redness on your scalp where the skin has become irritated and inflamed.

This is caused by the scalp’s reaction to the substances produced by the microbe Malassezia globosa. Some people are much moresensitive to these irritants than others.

An itchy head could be dandruff
A scalp irritated by dandruff can be very itchy – but don’t scratch it! Giving in to the temptation is likely toaggravate the problem and cause further damage to the cells on the surface of the scalp.

Dry scalp and a tight feeling
Dandruff can cause dry scalp as it disrupts the skin’s natural moisture barrier. It feels similar to when you have dry skin elsewhereon the body, and might be accompanied by a feeling of tightness.

If you’re suffering from all, or even just one of these symptoms, you might have dandruff.

Use Head & Shoulders Classic Clean Shampoo to treat all the symptoms of dandruff fast.

The unique pyrithione zinc (ZPT) formula tackles the root cause of dandruff, calming irritation and leaving you with a flake-free ¹, healthy scalp.

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¹ visible flakes, with regular use

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