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Pyrithione zinc (ZPT), coal tar, salicylic acid… the list goes on. There are so many ways to treat dandruff – but what makes ZPTthe world’s number one anti-dandruff ingredient?¹

Dandruff treatment can take one of two approaches:

  • treat the symptoms – this is designed to address the visible symptoms like flakes or inflammation. However, theunderlying cause of dandruff is still working away.

  • tackle the cause – here you get to the root of the problem. By tackling the cause you can achieve more completerelief and prevent the symptoms from reappearing, so it’s a good long-term solution.

Meet the products that just treat the symptoms of dandruff
Those dandruff treatments that merely work on the symptoms include coal tar and salicylic acid.

Coal tar helps to control the skin’s reaction to scalp irritants formed as the microbe Malassezia globosa breaks down naturaloils on the scalp.

So while you might not experience quite as much irritation, those substances are still being produced at the same rate... and could still damage your scalp.

Salicylic acid acts on the actual flakes. It is designed to help break the bonds between dead skin cells to make them easier to washoff. But just like coal tar, salicylic acid doesn’t tackle the underlying cause of your itch, irritation, or flakes – so it’s lesseffective against dandruff.

In fact, in clinical testing these products are far less effective at treating flakes than 1% ZPT shampoos.

A better long-term solution? Pyrithione zinc (aka Head & Shoulders)!
Easily the best way to treat dandruff and keep it away for good is to use an anti-dandruff shampoo with an activeingredient that tackles the root cause of dandruff.

That’s where pyrithione zinc (ZPT) comes in. ZPT both removes and helps prevent the formation of scalp irritants, to keep your scalphealthy and comfortable.

You’ll find ZPT in all Head & Shoulders shampoos.

And with new Head & Shoulders, the ZPT works ever better because it’s 8 times smaller than before.

With smaller particles, the dandruff-fighting active can:

  • give longer lasting protection – because it’s smaller, it goes deeper into the pores, so it doesn’t rinse out and continues to protect you against dandruff long after the shower

  • clean better – the small particles help to create more lather as you wash your hair

  • leave your hair and scalp healthier – the particles spread more easily across the scalp and stay there for longer, giving your scalp the protection it needs and allowing your hair to grow from a healthier base


It’s why we’re the world’s #1 anti-dandruff shampoo.¹

Use it regularly and you’ll not only be able to keep flakes under control, but you can also stop them from coming back.

And if you really want to maximize its effect, combine it with an anti-dandruff conditioner. These are speciallydesigned to work hand-in-hand with your shampoo, unlike other conditioners, which can wash away the ZPT on your scalp.

It means you’ll stay protected and your anti-dandruff shampoo will be able to work as hard as possible to keep your flakes, itch2 and irritation under control.

More tips and advice from the experts:

¹ P&G calculation based on Nielsen sales information July 2015-June 2016
² Caused by dandruff

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