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Beard dandruff is really a thing – flakes in your beard are caused by the same thing as flakes on your head. Here’s what to look out for..

Dandruff – whether it’s in your hair or your beard – is caused by the same thing: Malassezia globosa.

This microbe, present on everyone’s skin causes an irritation response in half the world’s population that causes dandruff.


The symptoms include:

FLAKES IN YOUR BEARD These appear as your body responds to Malassezia globosa by increasing the rate of skin cell turnover. With skin cells multiplying off faster than usual, they start to accumulate into clumps.

This is the body’s way of trying to literally shed the irritant.  Find out how to get rid of beard dandruff.

ITCHY BEARDS Itching is a common response to irritation of any kind – and dandruff is no different.

In fact, itching is often an early warning sign of dandruff before flakes start to appear.

REDNESS Irritated skin often appears red and the skin beneath your beard is no different.

So take a close look in the mirror to see if your skin looks redder than usual.

DRY SKIN Dandruff damages the surface of the skin and, as it does so, disrupts the natural moisture barrier.

This allows moisture to escape, drying out the skin. This is a common problem for beards – particularly if you’re not moisturising beneath the hair. So it’s important to use a moisturising shampoo on your beard.

And with Head & Shoulders, you’ll also get the skincare ingredients that penetrate beneath the hair to keep your skin healthy too. Read more about the cause of beard dandruff.