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With all the contradicting information out there about parabens, it’s easy to get confused. What exactly are parabens and should you be using paraben-free haircare products? We looked into it.

Parabens are a group of preservatives used in a variety of cosmetics and haircare products. Preservatives are very important because they protect the products you use against bacteria and mould growth, keeping you and your family safe from exposure.

Parabens are naturally found in some of the fruits and vegetables you eat every day, like blueberries. Although parabens have been proven safe over decades of research, we understand some people prefer products without parabens, so we chose to use different preservatives.

Is Head & Shoulders paraben-free?

Head & Shoulders shampoos and conditioners do not contain parabens.

You can rest assured that when we select preservatives and any other ingredients for our shampoos, your safety is always our first priority. All the preservatives we use in our products strictly comply with the relevant regulatory requirements and safety limits in the regions they’re sold.

Before any of our products go to market, they go through a diligent, four-step testing process where we:

  1. Research each ingredient that goes into our products and make sure that it’s completely safe to use.

  2. Follow processes like those used by the FDA or World Health Organization to calculate how much of a particular ingredient we should use in our products.

  3. Evaluate the final formula after looking at each individual ingredient. If the formula doesn’t pass the test, it simply doesn’t go to market and we start again.

  4. Regularly monitor the product after it’s gone to market, and work with regulatory agencies to learn about advances in safety and safety methods.

This testing is part of our commitment to your safety when using one of our anti-dandruff shampoos or conditioners.

For flake-free* and healthy-looking hair, use Head & Shoulders Classic Clean shampoo.
It’s also paraben free and gentle on your hair, so you can use it every day.

*visible flakes, with regular use

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