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Everyone’s body reacts differently to stress. If tensions are high and you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with a world that’s constantly in flux, take some time at home pay special attention to how your body responds. Stress related dandruff might be one of those reactions…

It may be difficult to pause and find the time to take better care of, not only your mind, but also your body to relieve stress when you’re feeling overwhelmed by it.

Does dandruff cause stress?

When we’re under stress, it can show up in many ways and it can leave us feeling out of balance and seeking ways to overcome it. One of those visible places stress can show up is on our skin with increased acne, rashes or oil production. And, your scalp is no exception. When you’re overwhelmed, you’re more easily agitated. Similarly, scalp that’s stressed is more easily bothered. It shows up in the form of flakes, itch, dryness, and irritation - all evidence that your skin is reacting to how you’re feeling internally. So, ‘can dandruff be caused by stress? – the short answer is yes.

Stress can show up on the scalp, because just like our facial skin, the scalp skin barrier become compromised. The naturally occurring fungus on the scalp can get out of balance causing the skin to respond in heightened ways with more prevalent itch, dryness. Added to this are all the things that we experience in our day to day life- skipping washes, product build-up, workouts and even the simple act of sweating- it can all take a toll on our hair. The first and worse place it starts is at our scalp, causing cascading hair issues that can be prevented with the right products that have the right ingredients to support healthy hair and scalp.

Stress dandruff: how to get rid of it?

With so much happening in, on and around the scalp, it should be cared for regularly. Products that provide long lasting scalp benefits and hair nourishment are important to achieve balance not only for the scalp, reducing stress that can show up there, but also helping to relieve the feelings that a stressed scalp brings.

Recognizing you are feeling out of balance is the first step to achieving self-care. Pausing and doing those things that can bring about balance is the next. Caring for the body is a helpful start but admittingly, many don’t know the best and most effective way to bring about that balance especially when it comes to caring for the scalp.

Look for products with skin inspired ingredients and scalp care actives to address itch, dryness and irritation. Products that work to calm stressed out skin, restore its natural, healthy balance and give the scalp a natural boost can help to unlock the best version of your scalp and hair and relieve the stress and dandruff.

Stress and dandruff: what products to use

Head & Shoulders Supreme Collection has been designed by experts to help achieve the best version of your scalp and hair through naturally-derived, skin-inspired ingredients. The products help break the compromising cycle of dryness, itch and irritation by nourishing the scalp to restore its natural, healthy balance, creating the foundation for beautiful hair and a step towards achieving the self-care and balance you may be seeking whilst fighting the appearance of stress related dandruff.

Remember, self-care isn’t about what others see, it’s about how you feel when no one is looking. It’s about creating your own sanctuary in a place where you can escape the noise and find the privacy needed to recharge. For many, that private place is in the bathroom - where you can do whatever makes you look and feel your best, including taking care of your hair and scalp.

Releive stress and stress related dandruff with a scalp massage and Head & Shoulders Supreme Collection.

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