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Pomade, distinct from hair gels and waxes, evokes a certain old-school charm. But can you use it with dandruff shampoo? Find out.

When we think of pomade, we tend to think of old school Hollywood icons with slicked back hair, like James Dean or a young Marlon Brando.

You might wonder, though, how pomade affects anti-dandruff products. Well, wonder no more.

What is pomade, exactly?

Nowadays, you’re more likely to see hair gels and waxes, but pomade is enjoying something of a resurgence. This is thanks to the shine and luster that it gives hair. For a slick hairstyle, you can’t beat it.

Traditionally petroleum-based, it has an excellent hold and shine, with the ability to reshape your style throughout the day. Recently, water-soluble pomades have emerged to give you the same look and hold while making it easier to remove.

All of which is interesting, but doesn’t tell us anything about dandruff.

Using pomade with dandruff shampoo

If you’re worried about using your trusted pomade with dandruff shampoo then relax: you’re absolutely fine.

Because a pomade is used after washing hair, it won’t really affect the performance of dandruff shampoos at all. Incorrectly using pomade, however, could lead to scalp issues.


If you don’t wash pomade out regularly, it can very easily build up, and trap dirt and scalp oils on your skin.

When it does, this mixture can break down into potentially irritating substances (like oleic acid) - if you suffer from dandruff it could make the problem even worse.

So the solution is simple enough: Use as much pomade as you’d like, just make sure to wash your hair thoroughly.