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Why does my hair become greasy?

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as having your hair fall flat and become stringy from oil build-up.  

The most common cause of greasy hair is a build-up of a natural oil called sebum, which everybody produces.

Can diet prevent greasy hair?

Diet can be partly to blame: diets high in refined carbohydrates and saturated fats can increase your skin’s oil production.

It’s best to cut down your intake of these foods, and instead focus on healthier alternatives.

There are many health enthusiasts and homeopaths that recommend focusing on foods containing these elements to prevent greasy skin. These include:

  • Zinc – found in oats, fish, nuts, legumes and grains

  • Vitamins B and E – found in poultry, fish, meat, beans, fruits and vegetables

  • Monounsaturated fats – found in olive oil, avocadoes and nuts

Healthy snacks

Studies also state that eating sunflower seeds or almonds as a snack instead of sweets or chips can lead to healthy skin and hair.

One handful can be enough to fulfil your daily dose of vitamins B2 and 6, zinc and essential fatty acids.

While a healthy diet is always a good thing, it’s always best to treat greasy hair with an effective shampoo.

How to treat greasy hair

To keep hair clean and free of excess grease throughout the day you’ll need a shampoo that helps eliminate oil on the scalp.

We’ve developed our Instant Oil Control Shampoo especially to combat oily scalp and hair.

Designed for chronic hair greasiness, the Instant Oil Shampoo is your best friend.

The grease-eliminating formula with mango and citrus essences lets you finally have healthy, silky hair from morning to evening.

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