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Check out our tips on how to care for coiled and curly hair to keep it moisturized and healthy

There are many types of hair patterns that require different treatments to keep them beautiful and healthy.

When it comes to coiled and curly hair, Naturally Curly has an  easily identifiable chart that helps you find out what type of curl pattern you have.

If you have coiled and curly hair, you may experience the following problems.

  • dryness

  • irritation

  • itchiness

  • flakes

People with coiled and curly hair spend a lot of time and effort on a hairstyle - so of course, you want to maintain the style for as long as you can between washes. 

Sometimes maintaining the style for multiple days can stress out the scalp - it’s difficult to give your scalp the moisture it needs in between washes. 

Build-up of products, sweat or dirt on the scalp can also irritate the skin.

How to treat coiled and curly hair

  1. shampoo

  2. co-Wash

  3. scalp Soother

Each of these treatments are designed to revitalize coiled and curly hair and moisturize the scalp. Depending on your curl pattern, you may need to use one or more of these treatments.

1. Shampoo
A shampoo is designed to clean the hair by lifting dirt, oil and product build-up and washing it out.

Royal Oils Shampoo is specially formulated with Zinc Pyrithione (ZPT).

ZPT has been clinically proven to fight dryness, itchiness and irritation and keep it from coming back.

The formula with vitamin E-rich almond oil and coconut essence moisturizes your scalp, while leaving your hair clean and smelling fragrant.

After regularly using our shampoo, the scalp’s natural moisture barrier is restored and your curls are left clean, healthy, and defined.

2. Co-Wash
A co-wash is ideal if you have fine curls with a high density. You can use our Royal Oils Moisturizing Co-wash for days when you don’t use your shampoo.

Our shampoo with almond oil extracts and coconut essence leaves your hair and scalp feeling moisturized and smelling fragrant.

What’s even better is that our co-wash also cleanses the hair from dirt agents and product build-up.

3. Scalp Soother
Ideal for any kind of textured hair, you can relieve your scalp from dryness and itch with our Royal Oils Daily Moisture Scalp Cream.

Formulated with cooling peppermint oil, this spray can fit inside your purse and be used on the scalp and hair for instant relief.

Head & Shoulders Royal Oils range gives you dermatologist-recommended solutions for coiled and curly hair to keep your scalp and hair healthy and looking beautiful.

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