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Damaged hair is easy to spot. If your hair is looking more ‘dull’ than ‘dazzling’, or feels rough, then you guessed it – your hair is probably damaged.

Now, if you ever blow-dried your hair to death, like the best of us - you’ll remember that heat styling is a big factor when it comes to damaging your hair.

But you might not know that other culprits lurk in unexpected places. How about your hairbrush, or styling routine?

Or did you know that your hair can be damaged before it even leaves your scalp?

For instance, if you are prone to an itchy scalp and are in the habit of scratching, you could be causing damage to your scalp which means more hair problems later on.

Poor scalp health gives your hair a poor foundation meaning it’s likely to be weaker and more susceptible to damage, setting you up for brittle, breakable hair before you’ve even gotten started. That’s bad news if you suffer from dandruff, which is notorious for upsetting your scalp’s ecosystem.

By now you’re thinking it’s too late for your poor parched locks, but luckily, all is not lost – so step away from those straightening irons, stop scratching and follow our tips to get your damaged hair back to its best.

While it’s true that the hair you can see technically isn’t alive anymore – it dies after leaving the scalp – there’s still plenty you can do to improve its condition without making life harder for yourself.

It’s as easy as swapping out your usual shampoo and conditioner for our moisture-boosting Repair & Protect Shampoo & Conditioner and following our easy advice.

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