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Selenium sulfide VS pyrithione zinc

Did you know that not all anti-dandruff products work the same? This means that, depending on the severity of your symptoms, you may not be using the best anti-dandruff shampoo for your hair and scalp.

Shampoos in our moderate range, like Classic Clean and Dry Scalp Care, use an active ingredient called zinc pyrithione (ZPT), which is ideal for relieving mild and moderate cases of dandruff, along with dandruff-related symptoms such as mild and moderate dryness and itchy scalp.

But for people who suffer from severe dandruff and dandruff-related conditions—such as severe itch, irritation to the scalp, and larger, more persistent flakes—there’s a more powerful active ingredient: selenium sulfide.

What is selenium sulfide?

Selenium sulfide is a fast-acting and highly effective active ingredient used in anti-dandruff shampoos. Its efficacy is unmatched when it comes to helping eliminate severe dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis.

Like ZPT, selenium sulfide works as an antifungal treatment that inhibits the growth of the dandruff-causing fungus malassezia globosa. But even more than ZPT, selenium sulfide works to treat even severe cases of dandruff, helping to eliminate visible flakes, severe itch, dryness and scalp irritation.

Not sure if you’re already using a selenium sulfide anti-dandruff shampoo? Take a look! The microfine particles of selenium sulfide possess an orange hue, so most selenium sulfide anti-dandruff shampoos have a naturally peach or orange tint.

When selecting the best shampoo to treat your dandruff, keep in mind: If your dandruff looks or feels severe, selenium sulfide shampoo may be the solution you’ve been searching for. And Head & Shoulders offers a range of shampoos specially formulated with selenium sulfide to help you.

Clinical Strength for Everyday Use

Head & Shoulders Clinical Strength Shampoos are specially formulated with selenium sulfide to provide you with prescription-strength relief from severe dandruff (flake protection vs. prescription dandruff shampoo 2% ketoconazole). But the benefits don’t stop there.

Whether you choose Clinical Strength Dandruff Defense + Dry Scalp Rescue, Intensive Itch Relief or Advanced Oil Control, you’ll be able to kick dandruff to the curb and discover your most vibrant, healthy hair.

From manuka honey to cooling menthol to refreshing citrus, each formula contains a fresh, invigorating scent and natural essences to up your shower experience. Plus, our clinical strength formulas are color-safe and pH balanced to be gentle enough for everyday use.

It’s time to re-evaluate your anti-dandruff shampoo. Make sure you’re using the formula that best suits your needs. For those who suffer severe dandruff, Head & Shoulders Clinical Strength shampoo with selenium sulfide is meant for you.

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