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New and throwback hairstyles for Black women continue to be hot topics, but masculine styles or styles for men are often left out of the conversation. Finding a style that matches your vibe and looks good on you isn’t always easy to find—let alone maintain.
From fades, fros, waves, locs, and cornrows—hopefully you’ll be inspired to try one of these modern hairstyles we’ve seen Black men rocking. Plus, get some product recommendations to help you achieve these looks and manage your hair and keep it healthier longer.

Cornrows with a Fade

Cornrows and locs are a common style for Black men, but to bring these longer styles into the 2020s, clean up the front hairline, sides, and edges with a tapered fade.

Burst Fade Mohawk

If you prefer to keep your hair long on top but don’t vibe with ponytails or manbuns, a burst fade mohawk is right for you. NFL quarterback, Pat Mahomes, rocks this style.

Low Fade with Twists

For hair that’s grown out to about a medium-length, finger twists are a solid style that last for a long time. Coiling the top with a fade on the sides will add sharpness to this style.


Do we need to explain this one? Frohawks can be tailored to the length you like to keep your hair—shorter, longer, picked-out, or with a twist/braid-out. How you style your ‘fro can be versatile, and give you a different look each month.

Line Up with Waves

Why mess with a classic? If you can achieve them, waves can be a big flex. Be like Drake and have your barber (or your own steady hand) cut a line in the front. And if you’re feeling confident, try a shape.

Products That Help Create Easy Hair Styles for Black Men

Whatever hairstyle you go with, you know it will look best with healthy hair on a healthy scalp. The Royal Oils Daily Moisture Scalp Cream can be applied daily to seal in moisture—because flakes aren’t the vibe. And if you’re running out the door, the Royal Oils Refreshing Root Rinse can quickly loosen product build up and combat scalp dryness.
If you’re rocking a protective style, such as cornrows, Royal Oils Frizz Tamer smooths new hair growth and keeps hair moisturized. Use at the roots or wherever you see new hair growth to continue having a fresh style.
To condition your style under caps, hats, or from outdoor elements, try Royal Oils Hair Freshening Mist. You’ll notice healthier hair and scalp in just three weeks, plus the formula includes aloe water and hemp oil to lock in moisture.
Before you go to bed, throw on the Royal Oils Nighttime Scalp Tonic Lotion under your wave cap. This will soothe dandruff itch overnight, and it can be used up to four times a day for relief when you need it.

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