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Hair serum is a widely used hair care product that promises to revitalize your hair. But how does it affect dandruff? Read on to find out.

Hair serums can be designed to deliver any number of benefits, from preventing tangles, to strengthening your hair or giving it a lustrous shine.

Depending on the benefit they promise, they could contain any number of different ingredients – from oils to amino acids to silicones.

What serums generally have in common is that they are liquids with a concentrated blend of effective ingredients which are applied directly to your hair.

If you’ve got dandruff, you may be hesitant to use a hair serum for fear of making that problem worse.

Dandruff and hair serum

There are some potential pitfalls from using a hair care serum while dealing with dandruff.

Some serums are oil or silicone based. If these are applied near your roots, there is the possibility that they could build up, along with your natural scalp oils, on your skin.

If this mixture is not washed out properly, it can begin breaking down into other substances that may bother your scalp.

Happily though, it’s an easy problem to avoid.


Deal with dandruff first

Dealing with dandruff is as easy as using a clinically proven shampoo and conditioner to fight the symptoms and causes of the problem.

Before adding a serum, make sure your scalp is in good shape.

Use your dandruff shampoo every time you wash for at least two weeks (ideally every day). At this point, you’ll be able to switch to a maintenance routine, washing two or three times a week. You can then start adding in serum.

Just keep a few things in mind:

  • If you’re using serum near your roots, wash your hair routinely to clear build-up

  • Ensure that you wash your hair properly, including rinsing thoroughly to clear your hair of shampoo

  • Using a good conditioner will moisturize your scalp and hair, keeping them healthy

Using these tips, you can easily add a serum to your routine while enjoying great, dandruff-free hair.

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