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Blow drying your hair is definitely convenient, but is it doing more damage to your scalp than you think?

With the quick pace of modern life, blow drying can seem like an easy solution to getting out the door quickly with good looking hair. That doesn’t mean it’s always good for you.

Blow drying is known to damage your hair. The heat from a dryer can disrupt your hair cuticles and can also put the scalp under strain.

Heat damage on your scalp

When you’re blow drying your hair, that’s not all you’re drying out.

When you blow dry your hair, you’re instantly heating the moisture in both your hair and your scalp.

This causes a knock-on effect:

  • Water inside the hair fibre can turn to steam and create permanent damage blisters

  • The heat can dry out the scalp

Look after your scalp’s moisture

Moisture is essential for your scalp. What’s more, your hair’s strength comes from a healthy, moisturized scalp.

Scalp dryness can be a sign that your skin is out of balance. You may experience itching, irritation, and flakes, and your hair can become damaged. 

This can cause hair loss in some cases and, in less extreme cases, can cause irritation, itching and flakes.

That’s why you need to it with a good shampoo for dry scalp that not only relieves dryness, but also tackles flaking and itching¹

How to blow dry safely

Now, we’re not saying that you should never blow dry your hair again. Just take some reasonable precautions:

  • Blow dry at a lower setting. You should be able to point the flow at your hand with no discomfort

  • Don’t blow dry one spot for too long, as this leads to heat build up

  • Try to blow dry your hair a little less often

You can also help things by giving your hair and scalp a boost: use a repair shampoo to moisturise your scalp and hair with extra care. A smoothing conditioner can also help to avoid frizz when blow drying.

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