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One of the most annoying hair conundrums: you spend good money on all the latest hair tools and styling products to ensure your quiff is perfectly coiffed, yet an itchy scalp and flakes can ruin your day.

Though you may not have considered that your scalp might need some TLC, it’s absolutely true that your scalp is the source of many hair woes and is definitely a place worth your attention - especially if you’re loading it with daily use of styling products. The thing is, it might be your styling products causing all the trouble.

If you’ve noticed flakes close to the roots of your hair, it might not be dandruff that we’re dealing with. Scalp build-up’s usually the result of styling products, along with oils, dust and dirt on the scalp which can clog hair follicles and cause products to stick to strands and layer on the scalp.

If you suffer from an itchy or flaky scalp in the first place, you might have noticed build up from a daily use of styling products can exacerbate both.The reality is, you are not alone! 1 in 2 male users had or have scalp issues caused by styling products. And 3 out of 5 actually stop or decrease their usage of styling products when their scalps get irritation.


The remedy starts with which products you use to style, and we have developed a new styling range off the back of our 60 years of research on scalp health to give you the high styling performance you want while being kind to your scalp.

Our new range delivers on high performance styling attributes like: long lasting hold, flexible style, and even a variety of hold and finishes. So, whether you like a gel texture or you’re a fan of pomade, you’ll find something for you.

They also uniquely deliver on being kind to your scalp. Our styling products leave no visible residue, are easy to wash out, and are enriched with skincare ingredients to take care of your scalp. So, you can style away as often as you like without worrying – with the peace of mind that your dandruff protection is taken care of as well.


If you’ve made the switch to our scalp-friendly styling products but are still concerned about your scalp and want to keep yours calm and soothe it with every wash, try complementing your styling routine with Head & Shoulders Advanced Men Series, which is scented with sandalwood and is gentle enough for daily use.


If you feel that your hair is still a bit tacky, lacks some shine, or if you want a deeper clean, your hair might need an extra detox. Switch to Head & Shoulders Men Advanced series infused with Charcoal Shampoo and massage it into your scalp for a little longer than you’d do with your ordinary shampoo to leave your scalp refreshed.

Follow those steps, and you’ll be able to style and re-style your hair and keep it flake-free with ease.

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