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Split ends have a dreaded reputation but with a little work and some smart advice on how to get rid of split ends, you can say goodbye to them forever.

Partly, split ends are a consequence of natural wear; the longer your hair is, the more time the ends have had to get damaged.

But split ends can also be caused by any number of factors, from bad styling habits to the products you use on your hair.

So how do you get rid of them?

Cutting dead weight

Before you think about preventing split ends, you need to deal with the ones you already have.

Unfortunately, when it comes to split ends there’s really only one way to get the job done – a visit to the hairdresser.

In fact, a regular trim is crucial to keeping split ends under control, as you trim away the old damaged ends.

This has an extra benefit, however; trimming the split means that you stop it from travelling further up the hair.

On this theme, a scissor cut is kinder to your hair than a razor cut. Using scissors will help prevent split ends down the line.

Keeping your condition

Once you’ve gotten a trim, it’s time to look at your hair routine.

Start with a good moisturising shampoo, like Head & Shoulders Repair & Protect. Products like this improve your scalp and hair’s condition, so that hair grows strong and with less damage.

Then, pair it with a conditioner. Some conditioners are specifically formulated to repair and protect your hair’s surface, helping to smooth the outer cuticle layer of your hair and protect it from future splits.

Start conditioning from the roots of your hair all the way to the tips for the best effect.

Gentle style

Finally, you’ll want to be gentle when styling your hair:

  • Don’t towel dry hair vigorously, but rather pat gently or wrap your hair

  • Use a soft brush, and avoid backcombing your hair if you can help it

  • A wide-toothed comb can also be a good option, as it puts less stress on your hair

  • Limit heat styling – this is a sure-fire way to damage your hair ends

All of this is a great advice for your general hair health, and will help to decrease your overall number of split ends.

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