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Everyone wants straight hair at some point, whether it’s just for a night out or for everyday wear. Find out how to straighten your hair without damaging it.

It’s tempting – especially when you’re rushing – to reach right for the hair straightener.

While this might be the easiest method in how to straighten your hair,  it can also cause damage.

For a healthier alternative, follow our tips for straightening your hair the gentle way.

Start early

If you’re going for smooth, straight hair, then you can easily start the process in the shower.

The right shampoo and conditioner can help smooth and moisturize your hair, making it easier to straighten when you’re out of the shower.

Moisturizing products, like Head & Shoulders Smooth & Silky shampoos and conditioners, have an extra advantage – they nourish and protect your hair, keeping it in good condition while you straighten it.

Dry properly

Once you’re out of the shower, don’t be tempted to pick up the straightener right away.

This is incredibly bad for your hair – it can actually boil the water while it’s inside your hair, causing a great deal of damage.

Rather, gently squeeze the water out of your hair with a towel. Avoid rough handling here too – wet hair is fragile and needs to be treated carefully.

Air dry if you can.

If you’re using a blow dryer, don’t go on full blast. It’s better to use a gentle heat. It should be gentle enough to hold on your hand without discomfort. Anything else is too hot for your hair.

Straightening out

When you’re finally ready to pick up the straightening irons, start by applying a leave-on heat protective treatment.

Keep the heat down if you’re able to. Much like your blow dryer, too much heat from a straightener can hurt your hair – and your scalp too.

Additionally, don’t pull too hard. Anything more than gentle pressure will pull on the roots, causing damage.

You’ll also want to keep things moving; even at a gentle heat, you don’t want the plates to be on your hair for more than a few seconds at a time.

These tips will help you get the  best results from straightening your hair whilst minimising the damage.

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