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Have you ever pulled styling product through your hair, loved the results, and found that two hours later it’s pinged out of place? If that sounds familiar, you’re in the right place: hair clay is the answer to locking your style in place.

Hair clay offers workable and buildable hold, but it starts off with a stronger hold than other products, meaning you can really strong-arm your style for a sculpted finish. And as it’s matte, nobody will know that there’s a scaffold of clay keeping your hair in place.

So which hairstyles look best using hair clay and what is the best hair clay for men? Read on…

Which Hairstyles Does Hair Clay Work On?

If you want to use hair clay and aren’t sure if it is for you, you need to ask yourself a couple of questions:

  1. Do you want hair that has a lot of hold but is still moveable?

  2. Do you want your hair to have a matte finish?

  3. Do you want to care for your scalp and avoid irritation when styling your hair?

If you answered yes to all these questions, it sounds like our new clay would be a perfect match.

There are some styles that work particularly well with hair clay. Anything with volume on top that needs controlling and styling looks great when hair clay is in the mix. If you like retro hair, a quiff is perfect, or alternatively an undercut with longer top portion is the perfect style for some clay.

To style a quiff with clay, take a small pea-sized amount of clay and really rake and twist it through slightly damp hair. Start with the longest section to keep it in place. For volume on top of an undercut, or if you have short backs and sides with more hair on top, use a nickel-sized amount on just the top portion. Your hair will stay in place after without lots of movement - though it won’t look stiff and fixed.


If your hair is longer and can tuck behind your ears, hair clay can lend it an edge, ridding you of fluff and frizz, and adding a little texture with decent hold. This is especially handy if you have rather unruly hair and want to tame it.

Equally, if your hair is long, you can use your hair clay to define the ends, or to slick the top portion back with. Hair clay works best on those with either a lot of hair or with hair that’s thick or wiry. Just remember to apply it on damp hair to get the best results.

For styling that’s kind on your scalp while still offering high performance, try our uniquely formulated men’s hair clay. Not only will it soothe the scalp, but it’ll also leave no scalp build-up, ensuring flakes and residue are a thing of the past. And remember that you can always use a shampoo designed to really give a deep clean while looking after your scalp like the Head & Shoulders Refreshing Menthol Shampoo if you want yours to feel super clean and balanced.


How To Use Hair Clay

Hair clay is easy to use if you follow these steps:

  • Scoop a small amount out the pot. Try going for a very thin spread - the equivalent of a nickel’s worth of product.

  • Dampen and warm between your palms. This makes it easier to spread the product. You could even add a little water to help thin out the consistency so there are no lumps when you apply.

  • Start by applying to the ends of damp hair. Smooth it on with the palms of your hands, but don’t apply any to the bulk of your hair to start with, instead focusing on moving product around the top, outer layer of hair.

  • Evenly distribute the product. Make sure to work it in from your scalp to the tips of your hair.

  • Repeat. Build up the amount of product used until you get the effect and hold you’re after.

Top tip: You can twist and manipulate your hair into the style you’re after. Try using a blast of heat from your hairdryer to help your hair take a shape if it’s reluctant to. If you need to restyle your hair, keep a comb in your pocket, brush through the ends, and then push back into place.

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