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For every person who loves hair gel, there’s another who hasn’t used it out of fear it’ll make hair look stiff or crusty. If that’s you, we’re here to tell you that hair gel is a stylist’s favorite for a good reason. And if questions like how to use hair gel and how to apply hair gel are on your mind, we’ve got the answers to that, too.

Hair gel can help you to texturize, spike, volumize, slick or solidify hair to create a sleek look, or a 3D style with shine and height - and, with our Head & Shoulders Hair Gel, you can do all the above while ensuring your scalp remains in top shape and flake free.

Keep reading for all the answers to your hair gel questions - we’ve got your back!


How To Use Hair Gel

If you’re after strong hold with a slightly shiny finish, our new Styling Gel is your go-to product.

For short or long hair, dampen your hands and take a pea-sized amount of gel. Rub it between your palms until slightly warm, and distribute evenly through slightly damp hair, using your hands to make sure the product evenly through your hair. Then, shape with palms and fingers to create your desired look.

Remember to work the product from your scalp to your tips for best effect. This is the perfect way to use it if you have short hair and want it to sit in spikes or pull it across into a tip.

Equally, if you have cropped hair cut with more bulk on top, gel can help to pull the longer portions forward and keep them in place - even if it’s wavy.

You can also use a comb to part hair to make the process easier (this is especially handy if you have long hair). As your hair dries, you can either move it with your hands to add texture, or try plaiting or twisting sections of your hair into position so that it takes a bend as it dries.

For firmer hold, apply your hair gel to dry hair. Make sure you start with a small amount so that you don’t overload any one clump of hair, and gradually work your way across your head, adding more and more until you’re satisfied with the finish.

If you want to shape your hair when it’s dry, you can try a few tricks once you’ve applied your hair gel. You can shape hair with fingers and then take a hair dryer and (gently) blast your hair with a medium heat for extra hold, or you can add a little spritz of hairspray to ends if you want to really make sure it stays put all day. This will really help if your hair is very curly or frizzy as the heat will really lock hair in place.


Gel Hairstyles

Hair gel isn’t only for men with short hair. Yes, it does work wonders on neat, tidy hair ‘dos and will keep them in place without looking shiny, and a stylist will often recommend hair gel for men with a short cut, but it can also easily be used on longer hair. Reach for it if you want to make you hair a little sleeker, or add some control.

If your hair is curly and slightly unruly, whatever the length, hair gel pulled through the curls will help to tame them. Also, if you like a strong parting and want to emphasize it, hair gel pulled through either side of your intended parting will help to define it. Finally, if you have any length or style of hair and want to add texture and reduce fluff, hair gel is a good option.

Top tip: Don’t overload with product if you want to avoid it from becoming crisp - remember, it’s always best to start with just a little and then add more and more as needed.

Remember if you’re using our new Styling Gel that it’s designed to be kind to the scalp, so won’t leave product build up, is enriched with anti-dandruff ingredients, and is easy to wash off. Try our Old Spice Swagger Anti-Dandruff Shampoo - and remember to massage it for a minute or so to ensure it grabs all product and has contact with all parts of the scalp skin.

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