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After hair with definition but want to maintain your texture and movement? You’re in the right place: styling cream will offer you that bed-head movement while taming frizz and keeping hair under control. It’s perfect for curly or wavy hair, emphasizing bends without weighing hair down or compromising its movement. Think of it as an unsung hero that’ll add grip and a little oomph to hair without overdoing it.

Styling cream is also highly versatile, and that’s why men stick so firmly to their guns, citing it as the best foundation styling product for hair, and using it daily to keep their hair neat but not too fixed.

Fancy joining their ranks? Here are the answers to all your styling cream questions before you buy yours:


How To Use Hair Styling Cream

If there were one answer to this, men’s hair styling cream wouldn’t be so popular. There are plenty of ways to use it - and you can customize everything to your hair type and length thanks to its low hold level and matte finish.

For starters, try using styling cream raked through damp hair to give it a little bit of body (styling cream offers low hold, so is ideal just to add a little extra something to hair texture).

Use a nickel-sized amount if your hair is shorter than an inch, and incrementally add more if yours is longer. Around a grape-sized dollop would be perfect for shoulder length hair if you want just a little grip.

If you towel-dry your hair and find you want a little more body or hold, just pull a little more styling cream through lengths, either using your fingers to part hair, or a comb, sectioning off hair before applying the cream.

How To Customize Styling Cream

Once you have your styling cream, don’t forget that it is inherently so versatile, and if you want to get more out of yours, just start by adding more and more until you get the finish you like.

As it finishes to a low hold and is slightly matte, it’s the perfect product to help you play with your parting if your hair doesn’t naturally part in one place, so use the tail of a comb to separate your hair in different places if you want to try that out.

Another way to change your hair up is to use styling cream as a foundation product and add pomade on longer portions of hair to groom them into place while retaining the lower hold and therefore easy movement on the sections of hair where there is just styling cream.

How To Use Styling Cream On Different Hair Lengths and Styles

Styling cream needs some length to work its magic, so you should reach for it if yours is an inch or longer. As it offers relatively low hold, this isn’t the styling product to go for you’re trying to create a quiff or pompadour. Instead, it’s perfect when you want to give your lengths more shape and sculpt them slightly without fixing firmly in place.

It is especially handy on long hair, where it can help to amp up texture and take down frizz. Rake a nickel-sized amount through damp hair, then let it dry before adding a dash more as needed. Don’t worry about it affecting your scalp health - the Head & Shoulders Styling Cream is designed to care for your scalp, too. And if you want to wash and condition your hair in one go while maintaining your flake-free status, reach for Head & Shoulders Classic Clean Anti-dandruff 2in1.

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