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Head & Shoulders Dandruff Shampoo



Whether you want your hair to look neat and slicked back or just keep your ‘do under control, hair wax is one of the best products for the job.

It won’t fix your hair stiffly into place. Don’t expect there to be any crisp sections either because wax is pliable, simply fixing hair together so it can be moulded into shape.

Basically, the end result when using hair wax properly is for your head of hair to look neat and styled, but with some natural movement and a bit of shine.

Here’s how to use hair wax - and the answers to your other questions about the classic styling product:

When Should Use Hair Wax?

There are no hard and fast rules here, but hair wax really comes into its own on short-to-medium length hair that’s in need of body and texture. If that sounds like your hair, you’re definitely a good candidate to use it.

Wax works best if you have thicker or curlier hair that you’re looking to tame. It has medium to strong hold, which makes it great for creating a neat side parted look or adding refined volume and shine.


How Often Should You Use Hair Wax?

There’s no reason not to use wax every day as the new Head & Shoulders wax is strong on hold but is gentle on the scalp, meaning you can use it as often as you want without any visible residue.

It’s also easy to wash off, and contains anti-dandruff ingredients. Our Head & Shoulders Men Ultra Deep Cleansing with Charcoal shampoo is the perfect product to remove all product at the end of the day while keeping you flake-free.

How To Apply Hair Wax in 5 easy steps

Step 1: Start with a small amount. It’s really crucial that you begin with just a little bit and build to the finish you want. It’s easy to add more wax, but considerably harder to dial it down once it’s in.

Step 2: Warm your wax. The warmer wax is, the more easily it’ll spread. Once warm and softer, it will coat hair evenly. Start with a pea-sized amount between palms and press them together to warm it, then distribute thoroughly through slightly damp hair, starting at the ends and slowly working in small strokes as far towards the root as you want to go.

Tip 3: Apply hair wax from your palms, not from your fingertips. Rather than applying from your fingertips, you want to coat the surface of your palms in wax so that you can smooth it onto hair. This also helps to get the wax on the surface of the hair rather than raked through it, which is the ideal way to use wax.

Tip 4: Mould into place. Use your fingers and palms to do this, depending on how you like your finish to be. If you want it smooth and the hair to sit as one shape, use palms to push, but if you want to move sections of hair separately, fingers are best.

Tip 5: Shampoo twice to get it out. While wax breaks down easily in the shower, it’s worth shampooing twice to get all the residue out before you next style your hair.

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