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Genetics may be the reason you experience greasy hair, although experts point to a number of other common reasons easily treated by the right shampoo.

Greasy hair is caused by an overproduction of your scalp’s natural oil, sebum. When the glands produce too much of it, your scalp becomes oily and your hair appears limp and greasy.

Some experts believe that genetics can be the cause of greasier hair in some people. This is true, although there are other common causes that can lead you to have greasy hair.

Other causes of greasy hair

  • Using the incorrect products – if your hair is susceptible to greasiness, using shampoos suited for dryness might only make it worse

  • Product build-up – if you use styling products regularly, you need to make sure they aren’t making your hair appear greasier than it really is.

  • Pollution – smog and dirt in the air can cling to scalp oils and make hair appear duller or dirtier

  • Not washing your hair often enough – greasy hair needs frequent washing – most people find it necessary to wash at least every other day to get rid of dirt and oil

How to combat greasy hair

No matter what the cause, greasy hair is easily treated with the right shampoo. In order to combat greasiness, you need a shampoo that will cleanse your hair without making it oilier or drying it out.

Our Instant Oil Control Shampoo is infused with essence of citrus and mango.  It combats greasy hair immediately, and leaves it sleek, smelling fragrant and up to 100% dandruff free.¹

Tips to prevent greasy hair

  • Use deep cleaning products with oil clarifying ingredients like our Instant Oil Control Shampoo

  • Avoid running your fingers through your hair or scratching your scalp - fingertips can spread scalp oils onto your hair

  • Avoid applying products to your roots that claim “moisture” or “hydration” benefits.  These words frequently signal heavy conditioning that may make greasy hair look worse 

More tips and advice from the experts:

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  • Washing and styling your hair

¹Visible flakes with regular use

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