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Long hair on men is very popular at the moment. You only need to flip through any magazine, or take a look at the latest red carpet looks, to see that men everywhere are embracing lots of different long hairstyles.

Ready to try out longer locks but not sure how to keep your new flowing hair under control? Look no further than good quality styling products. Fantastic for eliminating frizz, adding shape and generally keeping your strands where they should be, styling products will help you make the most of your long hair.

So, whether you’re looking for a strong hold or a more malleable finish; a sleek look or natural, matte waves, you’ll find something in the market to help you achieve the look you want.

Remember that you don’t need to have hair that hits your back to channel an au courant hairstyle for men with long hair; if you can tuck yours behind your ear, you can try one - or all - of these long hairstyles for men:

- The Man Bun

A bun is not only the preserve of women: man bun styles are great on men with hair long enough to create on. And it’s one of the best long hairstyles for men with thick hair!

You can go two ways here: either wind hair around a hair band and tuck the end in once it’s all tightly wound, or tie hair in a ponytail, and pull the lengths through, leaving just the end tucked into the band for a looser style. If your hair is very silky or straight, add a little styling gel while damp to help add hold once secured.

- The Top Knot Man Bun

If your hair is long enough, or if you want to put half of yours up, try pulling it up into a top knot. How to do a top knot? Grab a styling product - either Styling Gel or Styling Putty are ideal, depending on the finish you want, and smooth as you pull it up with palms. That’s all you need to know about how to tie a man bun. And if you’re worried you’re not one of those ‘top knot men’ - try it when you’re staying at home to see. You might be surprised at how flattering it is!

- The Lob

Hairstyles for men with long hair can take their cue from popular women’s styles, too, and that is absolutely the case with this long hairstyle. It couldn’t be easier to do: once your hair has hit your collarbones, you can make the long bob your own by leaving your hair to flow freely, or by either adding a little Styling Gel to make it sleek or Shaping Putty to add texture. Try letting yours air dry when freshly-washed so it has some texture running through lengths, and, once 80% dry, tuck strands behind your ears for a little flattering kink at the front. Super simple, but always on trend.


- Loose and Flowing

Whatever your length, leaving freshly-washed hair down looks great - just remember to rake a little Styling Cream through the damp ends to control fly aways, then leave your hair to do its thing. Styling Cream is the perfect addition to aid this style, keeping hair in place without losing the free-flow look and feel.

- Side Parting


Whichever of the above hairstyles for guys with long hair you opt for, you can freshen your look with this simple little trick - change where your hair parts. The easiest way to move yours is to brush hair back, then draw a line with the tail end of a comb where you’d like the new parting. Try a side parting for a modern twist, or a side parting for a retro nod. Keep it in place with your favorite putty.

Whether you’re a casual user of styling products, or they’re a fundamental part of your routine, make sure you clean strands of styling residue to avoid scalp irritation. Complement your styling routine with Head & Shoulders Men Ultra Total Care 2-in-1; it’ll calm and soothe your scalp while gently washing away product build-up.

Depending on how often you style with products, you might find you need an extra detox to bring back your hair’s natural shine. If you’re after a deeper clean, try Head & Shoulders Men Ultra Deep-Cleansing with Charcoal and massage into your scalp a little longer than you would your regular shampoo.

Follow those steps, and you’ll be able to style and re-style your hair and keep it flake-free with ease.

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