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Young Female Model Putting Refreshing Mask on Long Wet Hair with Wooden Comb

With dandruff occurring naturally on 50% of scalps, shouldn’t there be a treatment for it that’s simple and effective? If you’re on a quest to find this dandruff solution, Head & Shoulders’ BARE shampoos were made just for you. The new BARE line of anti-dandruff shampoos balances science with the bare minimum ingredients. At its core are nine hardworking, high-quality ingredients carefully selected to deliver effective anti-dandruff results while embracing a less-is-more approach to hair care.

Let's dive into BARE’s ingredients to see why they’re essential to Head & Shoulders’ new innovative formula:

  1. Water: The foundation of life and your hair care, water is the primary ingredient of this formula, helping spread the shampoo evenly on your scalp.

  2. Plant-derived moisturizer: A natural detangler derived from plants, this ingredient leaves your hair feeling silky-smooth with every wash.

  3. Citric acid pH balancer: Provides balance to the formula to ensure the shampoo aligns with your natural skin pH.

  4. Anti-dandruff active: Zinc Pyrithione (ZPT) is an anti-dandruff active that’s clinically proven to treat and prevent dandruff.

  5. Scent: A subtle aroma for a nature inspired shower experience.

  6. Plant-derived cleanser: A sulfate-free cleanser that’s both effective and mild. This plant-derived cleanser is responsible for the rich, foaming lather that leaves your hair feeling clean.

  7. Formula stabilizer: Ensures the formula stays blended and each wash is consistent, meeting the highest standards for safety.

  8. Freshness protector: Preservatives to make this product safer for longer. It’s what keeps this unique formula fresh!

  9. Plant-derived cleanser: Sulfate-free and plant-derived, this cleanser gets the right balance of both cleansing and mildness, leaving your hair clean.

What are the benefits of BARE?

Head & Shoulders’ BARE shampoos are a great alternative to home remedies solutions you can try at home like washing with vinegar. With BARE, you get the benefit of leaving sulfates, silicones, and dyes out of the mix while still enjoying a rich, foamy wash that leaves your hair clean, hydrated and smelling great – no compromising here!

The BARE Clean Sulfate-Free Dandruff Shampoo formula is perfect for oil prone scalps. This gentle cleansing formula offers effective dandruff protection featuring a light coconut water scent with a squeaky-clean finish. Or try BARE Soothing Hydration Silicone-Free Dandruff Shampoo for dry scalps, featuring a refreshing orchid and aloe scent. This hydrating formula fights dandruff while keeping your hair and scalp clean and moisturized.

And it’s not just what’s inside the bottle that makes BARE great – it’s also the bottle itself! BARE Ecobottles are made with 45% less plastic than our 370 mL bottles. Less plastic means they’re lightweight and flexible, so you can squeeze and roll out every drop of product. Both the bottle and the cap are also recyclable, so you can feel good about tossing them in the recycling bin. Finally, a dandruff solution that’s simple, effective, and sustainable for a more harmonious hair care routine.

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