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Caring for natural hair means committing to a moisture-rich daily routine. Tackle the tangles with ours.

Natural hair – hair that coils and curls tightly – can look gorgeous.

But it can also easily become dry, tangled, and difficult to manage.

To avoid problems with your natural hair, use our natural hair care routine tips, for a great hair day every day.

Why you need a natural hair routine

Natural hair needs special care because it has a totally unique structure:

  • natural hair grows from asymmetrical follicles

  • It grows at an angle, and

  • It concentrates keratin (the building blocks of hair) on the inner curve of the strands

Tight curls can make it harder for your scalp’s natural oils to reach right the way down the hair fibre, so natural hair sometimes has a hard time moisturizing itself. That’s where a good routine can help.

The natural hair care routine

Where your hair care routine should start is with consistency. A hair care routine is a great thing, but it won’t do much good if you don’t keep it up.

This means washing about once a week for natural hair, using a co-wash (where you wash with only a conditioner) in between if you feel like you need to.

Next, choose your products carefully: you want shampoos and conditioners that emphasize moisturizing qualities, to help combat natural hair’s tendency towards dryness.

Natural hair can tend towards dryness, and you may experience scalp issues related to dandruff, so make sure your moisturizing shampoo contains anti-dandruff ingredients to help keep these in check.

If you’re prone to knots and tangles – a common theme in the life of anyone with naturally curly hair – then deal with them when you condition. This will help lubricate your curls and make it easier to detangle.

Once you’re out of the shower, the trick is to disrupt your curls as little as possible.

A great way to do this is to forgo the towel dry, and instead wrap your head in an old t-shirt. When you’ve gently squeezed out the excess water, let it air dry.

Finally, if you find that your hair is still frying out, trying a leave-in option: there are many products that you can use after your shower to lock in extra moisture.

These are basic tips, maybe – but put them together and you’ve got a powerful and easy way to keep your natural hair in great shape.

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