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Having a routine for greasy hair can help make hair care a little more manageable to deal with on a daily basis.

Whether it’s because of product build-up, not enough washing, or simple genetics, greasy or oily hair can be an annoyance.

Tackling it doesn’t need to be, however – use these tips to streamline the process and get back to a healthy, silky smooth look.

Wash right

The start of your journey is simple: wash properly.

It’s possible that your greasy hair is a result of either using the wrong shampoo, or not using the right shampoo often enough.

Double-check by first making sure that you’re washing your hair at least three times a week and look for a shampoo that will help clear your hair and scalp of oils and grease.

Taking care of your scalp is key when it comes to dealing with greasy hair, as your natural oils are produced here. Scalp oil build-up can also help trigger dandruff.

The right product to take care of your hair and scalp will be one that isn’t loaded with moisturizing ingredients – if you don’t need all this moisture, the products can actually weigh your hair down.

Choose a deep-cleansing shampoo instead, massaging right into the scalp and roots, and team it up with a light conditioner that will smooth your hair without adding too much on top of it.

Style lightly

Hair waxes, gels and mousses may be great for getting your style set, but they can play havoc when it comes to oily hair.

Keep styling products to a minimum; if you do need to use some, consider washing your hair more often (and certainly more thoroughly) to offset build-up.

Your routine for greasy hair doesn’t need to be a full lifestyle change – just a few adjustments is all it takes to get your hair back to its best.

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