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Sunshine, swimming and sweat – three mainstays of summer. But did you know they can all damage your hair and scalp? Don’t worry –here’s how to make sure you can still enjoy the best of summer and do it with great-looking hair too!

Deal with sweat quickly

We sweat all year round of course, but it tends to be heavier in summer, whether it’s simply being outside in the sun or doing more exercise.

Heat and sweat are not good for the scalp, either. They create the perfect warm, moist environment for microbes on your scalp to thrive.

If you suffer from dandruff, that’s an issue as it’s these microbes that cause irritation and flakes as they breakdown oils on your scalp into potentially irritating substances.

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Careful with that sun hat

The sun’s UV rays can damage your hair and scalp, and are a particular problem if you have thin hair, as the exposed part of the scalp can easily become burned.

One potential solution is to apply non-greasy sunscreen directly to the scalp – place a little on just the tips of your fingers and lightly apply to areas of visible scalp, like your part line.

Many people choose to skip the sunscreen and wear a sun hat to protect their hair and scalp.

But be careful – beneath your hat you’ll be creating a microclimate that’s perfect for dandruff-causing microbes. As you sweat and your head heats up, these microbes can thrive and, once again, cause a dandruff flare-up.

So if you prefer to wear a hat, make sure you choose an anti-dandruff shampoo to keep dandruff away.

Get your smooth look back quickly

Whether your hair is damaged by UV rays or by chlorinated water from a swimming pool, you can restore a smooth, silky look quickly with the right shampoo.

Choose a high-conditioning shampoo like Dry Scalp Care with Almond Oil Shampoo – it contains extra moisturizers that help to condition your hair and make it smooth again so it’s great for restoring a healthy look to damaged hair.

And like all our shampoos, it contains our new tri-action formula.

The upgrade takes its inspiration from leading skin care products and cares for your scalp in 3 steps:

  • cleans – with gentle cleansing agents that wash away dandruff flakes, grease and oil to leave your hair noticeably cleaner

  • protects – the new formula contains micro-minerals which are left behind after you wash your hair to protect against dandruff damage so your hair can grow from a healthier foundation

  • moisturizes – it instantly delivers extra conditioning to leave your hair feeling soft and smooth while the micro-minerals help to repair the scalp and lock in more moisture

Plus, it’s an anti-dandruff shampoo. While heat and sweat might put you at risk of a dandruff flare-up, when you use Head & Shoulders regularly, you’ll be treating dandruff and helping to keep it away too for a flake-free summer¹.

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¹visible flakes with regular use

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