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A tight scalp can cause itchiness and scratching, but several products and methods help provide lasting relief.

Tightness on the scalp is one of the most uncomfortable feelings. There are many reasons why you could be experiencing tightness.

What causes a tight scalp?

  • styling

  • dry scalp

  • dandruff

If you have braids or a weave, the extensions can pull on the scalp and cause it to feel tight and uncomfortable.

If you have heavy braids, this can be particularly uncomfortable as the weight pulls harder, causing irritation.

A dry scalp lacks moisture which causes tightness and feels uncomfortable.

Dryness of the scalp is caused by an unhealthy scalp moisture barrier, which can be triggered by many different things like heat styling, or irritation from build up. Whatever the cause, it can lead to itchiness and flakes.


Similar to dry scalp, dandruff can also cause the scalp to feel tight. Dandruff, which is caused by scalp irritation, leads to scalp flaking and itchiness.

How to relieve tightness

There are a few ways you can relieve tight scalp without having to sacrifice your beauty and style.

  1. Wash your hair often – regular washing gets rid of irritating build-up, dirt and sweat

  2. Choose products like our Royal Oils Moisturizing Co-wash – to moisturize and cleanse the scalp gently

  3. Use medicated sprays for itch relief

  4. Scalp massage – gently rub the areas on the scalp where the hair attaches to the braids. With cornrows, massage the scalp that runs between them.

Using the right products

Our Moisture Care range, specially formulated with vitamin E and coconut essence, is ideal for textured hair and works to prevent dryness, tightness and itchiness.

You can even help prevent dry, tight skin while out of the shower with our Moisture Care Scalp Soother. To provide relief from dryness and itch, simply use the spray on your scalp and allow it to be soothed by cooling peppermint oil. 

These steps and products will help keep you more comfortable when styling your hair.

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