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You’ve probably heard of hair putty but maybe aren’t quite sure of what it is - or how to use it. Don’t let that put you off; it may not be as well-known as hair gel or hair wax, but the best hair putty used on the right head of hair is an excellent way to hold style and add texture - and it works a treat on anyone who struggles to keep their hair under control (even if it’s just because you have a bit of excess frizz).

What is hair putty

Let’s start with the obvious question: what exactly is hair putty? Essentially, it’s a styling product that offers a lot of hold with a (mostly) matte finish, and will offer a lot of oomph and hydration to hair, which is why if you suffer from dry, coarse hair, putty might be a better choice than other styling products.

But how does it differ from hair gel or hair wax? For starters, a putty is a real chameleon and you can change its finish by applying it in different ways, as well as it working differently on each hair type.

It also offers a lot more body, and will help to thicken the appearance of hair while holding it in place - but, crucially, it will move slightly throughout the day so doesn’t look fixed. Think of it as a silent worker, something that’ll make your hair look the way you want it to, but, unless you pile it on, without any signs of it being there.

Men’s hair putty tends to be easy to build into a strong and controlled but flexible finish, so if you like to move your hair around, or want to be able to comb yours through, putty is ideal.

How to use hair putty

If you’re wondering how to use hair putty, the answer is twofold. On wet or damp hair, a putty will add a bit of bulk, thickening hair up and lending it body and lift at the roots. It doesn’t add shine, so it will also make hair look a little more dense when it dries, so it is a great option if you worry about thinning.

For a more pronounced grip and more definition, take a little putty and work it into the mid-lengths and ends of towel dry hair, playing with the sections of hair until they stick together as you like them to in sections. This option will offer a lot of hold.

As with all styling products, applying a little and then building to the finish you’d like is the best way to go. Try using a raisin-sized amount at the ends to start with, rubbing it together in your hands and then smoothing onto hair, before taking another small amount and working it closer to the roots. The more you apply, the greater the effect.

And the good news is that you don’t need to be concerned about the health of your scalp each time you style your hair as the Head & Shoulders Hair Putty is enriched with skincare ingredients and offers protection so that your scalp and hair will both remain healthy however often you use it.

Which Hairstyles Does Hair Putty Work On

In terms of which hair types a putty is best on, this one really hinges on how you want your hair to finish, not how it is in its natural form. If you want your hair to look more matte and fuller while styled, putty is ideal for you.

It looks equally as good on short, curly hair as it does on long, straight hair - it’s just a case of moving it into the style you like once in.

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