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Hair pomade might have risen to popularity in fifties barbershops, but in recent years it has made an astonishing comeback in men’s hairstyling.

Due to its versatility – and the fact it can be styled and restyled – hair pomade is used to create some of the most popular men’s hairstyles of the moment. Pick any celeb who gives you hair envy, and it’s more than likely you’ll find a tub of pomade in their bathroom cabinet!

Whether you’re a Pompadour man, or like to rock a sharp side parting, hair pomade’s super flexible matte finish will help you get the look you want.

Here’s what you need to know before you use yours:

What Is Pomade?

Essentially, men’s hair pomade is a creamy styling product that is used to help shape hair and hold it in place. It is very pliable, and can be applied either just at the ends of hair or through lengths and the body, depending on how much hold and control you’re after.

It can be used on any length of hair, and offers a flexible and matte finish. Pomade for men will offer flexible hold, so that you can go about your day without worrying your hair will lose its shape or style.


Pomade Hairstyles

The pompadour is currently a big hit with actors, musicians, and sportsmen. Worn short on the sides and swept upwards towards the back, this look absolutely needs the hold and movement of pomade to achieve its height without it looking rigid.

If you don’t have the length on top to go for the pompadour, try a quiff. A long undercut with a retro twist will also give you the look of a little rockabilly style.

Pomade is also a winner if you want a slicked-back, ‘20s inspired look. This works best on short hair - just comb it back or go for a side-parting for a sleek style that’ll work equally as well in a boardroom or at the bar.

How To Use Pomade

Apply your pomade to damp or towel-dried hair for the best finish, though if you use it on wet hair, it’ll distribute more thinly, offering a more natural finish. If you want to do this, make sure your hair is 80% dry before you start to apply your pomade.

You could also apple a gentle stream of air from your hair dryer once your style is in place to fix the pomade and to make it pliable in case you want to move yours around slightly throughout the day.

Pomade is easiest to use when applied with hands so the heat of skin warms it up. Start with a small amount as a little pomade goes a long way. Warm it between your palms by rubbing them together, and then start to pull it through damp hair.

When it’s the right temperature, it should slide in without too much resistance, but your hair should stay in the position you place it in. If it doesn’t, keep applying a little more bit by bit until it does.

Pomade Tip 1 If you want the flexibility and finish of a pomade but are after extra hold in some key areas, apply your pomade and shape hair, then spritz hairspray onto a natural bristle brush, and gently stroke it onto the parts of your hair you want to lock in place. This works especially well if you have a slightly longer front portion of hair you want to stop from flopping.