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Back, neck, full body and even scalp – there are plenty of popular massage treatments out there. When it comes to the scalp, somepeople believe it can even promote hair growth. Find out what’s behind people’s love for scalp massages.

More blood = more hair?

Some claim a scalp massage improves circulation, which means that there is better blood flow and nourishment to thehair follicles.
This has been said to help promote hair growth and strengthen the roots.

Strengthened hair follicles may mean better protection for the growing hair.

Moisturizing massage oils

You may even use oils when you have a scalp massage. This could help to keep your hair and scalp moisturized. A lot of what we know about scalp massage is.

There’s a potential add-on benefit here too – when the hair is well conditioned, it’s less likely to break.

Scalp massages could also help to spread oils to the ends of the hair without damaging it, unlike brushing.

A great way to relax

conjecture – very few scientific studies have been carried out.

However, it has been shown in some studies that this type of massage can increase the production of endorphins andserotonin, helping to reduce stress and improve your mood.

And like any type of massage, if it relaxes you, there’s certainly something to be said for it!

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