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Head & Shoulders Dandruff Shampoo


Which Product is Best for My Hair Type?

Why Head & Shoulders styling products?

Wondering why you need anti-dandruff protection in your style? We’ve crafted all of our styling products to leave no visible trace of residue in your hair or on your scalp. Plus, these formulas are water based, which means they won’t look greasy in your hair, and they’re easy to wash out so they won’t stick in your hair or irritate your scalp. This means that you can craft your best style without worrying about worsening your dandruff.

In fact, when tested by men who have had scalp irritation from their current styler of choice, 9 out of 10 men agree that their Head & Shoulders styling products are less irritating!

Styling Short or Thick Hair

Strong Hold Molding Clayfor Men’s Hair

With a strong hold and matte finish, this clay is formulated to work best on short or thick hair so you can achieve a more molded, sculpted look that you can also run your hands through.

Styling Short to Medium Hair

Medium Hold Pomade for Men’s Hair

With a medium hold and matte finish, this pomade is formulated for short-medium hair so you can achieve a flexible, natural look. Try it on everything from a classic quiff right through to a pompadour style.

Strong Hold Texturizing Putty for Men’s Hair

Like the Medium Hold Pomade, this putty has a strong hold and matte finish and is also great for medium-to-thick hair. It’s formulated to achieve a more messy, controlled look, with more texture than the pomade.

Styling Curly, Wavy or Thinning Hair

Light Hold Styling Cream for Men’s Hair

With a low hold and matte finish, this cream is formulated to give your hair a natural, more lightweight look. It’s also great on thinning hair, and, like all Head & Shoulders styling products, won’t look greasy or leave a visible residue on your hair or scalp.

Styling Any Hair Length or Texture

Strong Hold Styling Gel for Men’s Hair

With a strong hold and matte finish, this hair gel works on all hair types and textures and is formulated so you can shape your hair into the style you want. Great for a classic slick back, sleek combovers, or edgy spiked look, this gives you a strong hold with no grease or visible residue.

Stylish hair from start to finish

Pair any of our styling products with any of our anti-dandruff shampoos to feel dandruff protection from start to finish. When you’re dealing with dandruff, you don’t have to give up style. When you trust the world’s #1 dandruff shampoo brand*, you know you’re getting styling products your hair and scalp will love.

*based on volume sales

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