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Hair looking a little lackluster? Dull hair that’s prone to breaking doesn’t get that way naturally. Whether you schedule regular salon treatments to give those strands a moisture boost, or take things intro your own hands with home remedies, you might notice the effects aren’t long-lasting. That’s because the issue might run a little deeper than the hair you see.

Hair is “born” about 4 mm deep inside the scalp surface, in hair follicles. It grows quite slowly and in fact has been growing for 2 weeks before it reaches the scalp’s surface!

Healthy hair starts below the scalp’s surface

Our scalp is the foundation for healthy hair growth – it’s a powerhouse in terms of nutrition. It supplies growing hair with everything it needs to survive and thrive.

You might already know this, but dull hair that’s prone to breaking doesn’t get that way naturally. These are signs the hair’s been exposed to harmful environments or mistreated. The good news is, we can control and improve our hair’s environment and the way we treat it with the right information.

How to grow healthy hair

Growing healthy hair requires 2 things:

  1. enough resources from the body to “build” new hair
  2. a healthy environment for proper development

It’s clear that having healthy skin is critical for your well-being, because our skin is what protects us from the environment and keeps essential moisture inside. 

When your scalp skin is unhealthy, your body’s first priority is to fix the skin to protect us, diverting resources (energy, nutrients) from other, less critical activities - like growing hair. 

That’s why your hair reflects poor health when we’re ill. 

When your scalp is irritated, it fundamentally changes the skin’s chemistry and structure to a stressed and unhealthy state, which is unsuitable for growing good hair.

For example, you might notice:

  • more signs of inflammation

  • dehydration

  • signs of stress, like redness and itching

Clinical studies show hair that grows from an irritated scalp has a less healthy structure.

But if you’re prone to itch, irritation and dandruff, that doesn’t mean you’ll never have the healthy hair of your dreams. We’re here to help!

How to improve scalp condition

Head & Shoulders is the first shampoo that’s been clinically proven to strengthen hair cuticle structure, by caring for the scalp and keeping it in good shape.

Use Head & Shoulders Smooth and Silky Shampoo and Conditioner regularly and improve the condition of your new hair, while keeping it clean and shiny.


Think of it as ‘future-proofing’ your hair – if you take care of your scalp now, you’ll be helping to guarantee yourself gorgeous, healthy-looking hair in the future.

Got questions about how to take care of your scalp? Head over to our scalp hub to find out more.

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