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Think you might have a sensitive scalp? Here are three things to look out for if you do.

1. Redness
Part your hair in a different spot than you usually might and take a look at your scalp in the mirror – if it’s looking red it could be a sign of irritation.

Then think back to what you’ve used on your hair and scalp – have you changed styling products, turned the water temperature up orswitched shampoo?

You can be sensitive to almost anything, so you might have to do some detective work to establish what is causing the redness.

So, monitor it and check it regularly to try and identify times when it’s worse than others.

2. Inflammation
Part of the body’s immune response to irritation and inflammation is how your scalp attempts to protect itself from whatever’s irritating it. 

It can be acute – that is, it’s short term and will normally die down after a few days, or sometimes even quicker.

Or, it could be chronic if you’ve been exposed to the irritant for a long time.

3. Itching
Whatever’s irritating your scalp, your body will send signals to the immune system and brain to try and get rid of it.

Part of that includes an itch response, encouraging you to scratch off the irritant.But be careful – scratching can damage the top layer of skin cells on the scalp, causing more damage and starting the immune response all over again.

Recognize the signs? Get a sensitive scalp shampoo

Just like you’d choose products designed for sensitive skin on areas like your hands and face, choose a shampoo that’s designed to be gentle on sensitive scalps.


Our  Purely Gentle sensitive scalp shampoo is ideal. The fragrance-free, pH-balanced formula is great for everyday use and has been designed to tackle irritants caused by dandruff without aggravating a sensitive scalp. Read more about sensitive scalp.

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