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A good dry scalp shampoo doesn’t just moisturize, it tackles dandruff too. Find out why it needs to treat dandruff in order totreat a dry scalp.


It first needs to restore moisture

First, a dry scalp shampoo should provide immediate relief from dryness, just like you experience when you apply a moisturizer for yourskin.

Our new Dry Scalp Care with Almond Oil Shampoo gives you a hit of 3 moisturizers and coconut oil, while our original DryScalp Care shampoo contains both moisturizers and almond oil.

So that’s it – problem solved? Not quite…

You also have to stop dry scalp from coming back
The best dry scalp shampoos also tackle the underlying cause of the problem. In many cases, that’s dandruff.

How dandruff causes dry scalp

That’s why our anti-dandruff shampoos are so effective against dry scalp. They not only deliver the instant hit of moisture you need,but tackle the root cause of the problem.

They’re clinically proven to lock in up to 75% more moisture than ordinary moisturizing shampoo ¹.

Use them regularly and you’ll keep dandruff away, helping your body to repair the damage to the scalp’s natural moisture defenses so it doesn’t dry out again.

When we say use it regularly, we mean it too – dandruff is a recurring condition and can’t be cured. But you can keepit at bay if you keep using an anti-dandruff shampoo to keep your defenses up.

If you stop, you’re at risk of a dandruff flare-up and could very well see a return of your dry scalp problem too.

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¹ relative to the baseline, with regular use vs. the leading competitive brand’s base variant

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