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Scratching is a natural reaction to an itchy scalp. Unfortunately, it can cause your scalp and hair to become unhealthy anddamaged.

Whenever our skin itches, we scratch as a natural response. Itching is frequently caused by histamine, which is released when our skinis irritated, causing us to itch and scratch.

It’s important to remember that while scratching brings temporary relief, it only harms your scalp and hair.

SCRATCHING CAN DAMAGE YOUR HAIR Scratching your scalp for long periods of time can damage your hair strands. The outside of each hair strand is covered in cuticlescales, somewhat like scales on a fish.

The back-and-forth scratching action chips away at the protective cuticle, weakening the hair and making it more likely to break.

Scratching can also weaken the scalp. When your skin is scratched, it can actually trigger inflammation and an immune response. This causes the skin to become tender, and aless effective barrier protecting you from your environment.

Constant scratching can lead to wounds and scabs, further damaging your scalp.

The scalp can also become dry as the outer layer of skin becomes weak and lacks moisture.

Scratching leaves your hair weak and your scalp vulnerable. Our Full and Strong Shampoo is designed to strengthen hair with every wash, ¹leaving your hair strong, thick and visibly flake free.²

WHAT CAUSES AN ITCHY SCALP? An itchy scalp is most commonly caused by dandruff. It’s how your body responds when irritants bother the scalp: your body sheds the top layer of skin on the scalp rapidly.

As long as your scalp is irritated, the shedding continues. This causes the scalp to become dry and itchy.

HOW TO GET RID OF AN ITCHY SCALP FAST The right treatment for an itchy scalp is to use a shampoo that:

  1. tackles the root cause of the itch, dandruff

  2. calms your scalp to relieve itch

Our Itchy Scalp Shampoo with eucalyptus works on contact to give cooling relief, and powerful protection from dandruff.

With regular use, it tackles the root cause of scalp itch, leaving you feeling comfortable and up to 100% flake free.2

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¹ strength against damage, vs. non-conditioning shampoo ² visible flakes, with regular use