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Scalp itch keeping you up at night? You’re not the only one! Noticing an itchy scalp at night is more common than you might think because the hustle of the day isn’t there to distract you.

You’ve relaxed into the night with heavy eyes and the comforting thought of a good night’s sleep…until you notice the itch.

You’re not alone, itchy scalp is a common problem. In a global survey, 3 out of 4 people said they experienced itchy scalp in the past six months. Itch is a sign that your scalp is out of balance and needs some serious TLC.

And not just that, this itching at night also interferes with getting a proper night’s rest.

According to a scientific study, itching occurs during all stages of your sleep, even interrupting the “deep sleep” stage which is supposed to be most restorative.

Soothing an itchy scalp at night

There are quick fixes that help soothe the itch, like natural remedies. But scientific research studies have shown that quick fixes don’t actually get to the root of the problem, and so the relief is only temporary.

Another way we try to soothe itch is by scratching. Scratching is an automatic reaction to scalp itch, but this reaction can cause more harm than good.

It can lead to more skin irritation, damage, bleeding, hair breakage and even impaired sleep due to scratching.

It might feel good to scratch, but the aftermath isn’t pleasant.

Stop scalp itch at night

For a consistently good night’s sleep, you need to treat the problem, not just the symptoms.

These symptoms, itching and irritation, are actually caused by the body’s natural, inflammatory immune response to itching. During this response, our bodies produce a compound called histamine, which causes the inflammation.

Head & Shoulders is the first (and only) shampoo clinically proven to reduce histamine.

If you’re lying in bed with an itchy scalp searching for a solution, try our Head & Shoulders Itchy Scalp Care shampoo. The active ingredients help protect your scalp skin even in between washes from irritants that can trigger scalp itching, for clinically proven relief that lasts. *

That means a better night’s sleep is finally possible. What a dream!

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