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Dry scalp is a really common problem, but what exactly is it and how can you treat it?


Damage to the outer layer of skin cells on the scalp is normally the cause of dry scalp, as this lets essential moisture escape easily.

Dandruff is a key cause of dry scalp – it disrupts the moisture barrier, making it hard for the cells to retain moisture, leading to adry, tight and often itchy feeling.

There are plenty of other factors that can make a dry scalp worse too, from heat styling to hot showers.

Dry scalp¹ can be very uncomfortable, but you can easily manage it.

Using Head & Shoulders locks in up to 75% more moisture than an ordinary moisturizing shampoo ² .

So give your hair and scalp a hydration boost with our Dry Scalp Care with Almond Oil Shampoo.

It’s formulated with 3 moisturizers to deliver a deep hydration you can feel from the first wash.

For textured hair, our Moisture Care Shampoo delivers enriched moisture for your scalp and hair. It contains almond oil and coconut essence to fight dry scalp¹ and leave your hair looking great.

Dry scalp shampoo not working?

If after using Head & Shoulders exclusively for 3 weeks you see no improvement, consult a dermatologist, as your dry scalp could because by something other than dandruff.

More about dry scalp

¹ caused by dandruff
² relative to baseline, with regular use, vs. the leading cosmetic brand’s base variant

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