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Patrick Mahomes throwing football in red Chiefs mask

Keeping your hair looking great is no small feat, especially if you’re a busy man who wants to look his best. Just ask Patrick Mahomes, starting quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, who led the team to their first Super Bowl victory in 50 years.

Well known both for his athletic performance and iconic hairstyle, Patrick is instantly recognizable for his signature mohawk fade haircut, which has inspired boys and men of all ages for years.

We talked to the man himself, who is not only an avid Head & Shoulders user, but also a Head & Shoulders brand ambassador, to learn how he keeps his hair looking great both on and off the field.

The Story Behind Patrick’s World-Famous Haircut

Like any good story, the origins of Patrick’s signature hairstyle started with a bet in college over whether he or a friend could grow their hair out the longest.

Patrick Mahomes giving a pre-game speech in Chiefs locker room

“And, I think I won,” Patrick said. “I let it grow out, and then the people at Texas Tech loved it. So I kind of kept it, and it was my thing, and now it's become my thing in the NFL.”

While some have called the hairstyle the “Show Me cut” for Patrick’s nickname, Show Me Mahomes, he doesn’t really have a name for his taper fade mohawk. The look is unique for him not only for the length, but also for his curly hair texture.

So how does Patrick keep his hair looking so good? His routine is pretty simple. He says, “Most mornings I wake up, hop in the shower and use Head & Shoulders Charcoal 2-in-1 and head out the door!

DeJuan Bonds, owner of Purple Label Luxury Barbershop and Patrick’s personal barber, has seen the hairstyle take off around Kansas City. Young men all over the region look to their idol for inspiration. “Patrick, his hairstyle says freedom. He goes with the flow with his haircut."

Patrick Mahomes getting a haircut in a barber shop

Patrick’s hairstyle works great for him, but it might not be the perfect look for everyone. What does he think you should do with your hair? Patrick says to define your own style, whether that’s a curly mohawk or something entirely new that’s more suited to your unique taste and hair type. Whatever your desired look may be, Patrick’s advice is to make it your own and just have fun with it, because when you are confident and proud of the way you look, you’ll be ready to bring your best to every day

Want to be confident in your style? Patrick says, “Just be you. Pick a style, try it out, and if you don’t like it – try something else! I had a few other looks before I found what works for me.”


Patrick Mahomes arrives to the stadium in a blue suit and sunglasses

Your hair is a reflection of who you are, so why not express yourself like Patrick does every day? With a wide range of products that are strong on performance but kind on your scalp, Head & Shoulders has what you need to achieve the look you want.

Head & Shoulders Charcoal 2-in-1 works with every type of hair and uses a proven formula to clean hair and help prevent dandruff. For your look, you might be able to wash and wear like Patrick, but some men use other products to achieve their perfect style.

Head & Shoulders products can help you accomplish the look you want, no matter if you decide to emulate Patrick Mahomes’ hair or create a new style that’s all your own.

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