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Ever wondered how effective natural remedies are at treating dandruff? Perhaps you’ve heard of people making concoctions using ingredients found around the house, like mouthwash or olive oil. Before you dip your troubled locks in lemon juice and wrap your head in cling wrap, read this.

Some products, like coconut oil, are known for their skin-moisturizing qualities. Unfortunately, these ingredients are not effective in treating dandruff on their own.

Why natural remedies don’t treat dandruff

We tested some of the most popular natural remedies to see how effective they were in treating dandruff, starting with:

To test these, we created the perfect conditions for the fungus and dandruff-causing culprit, Malassezia globosa, to grow. We then added a drop of each of the natural remedies above into the centre of that dandruff paradise to see how it would react.

Here’s how they performed:

  • Olive oil. Although great for a D.I.Y. oil treatment on your hair, olive oil won’t cure dandruff. It’s best to save it for a salad.

  • Lemon juice. It smells fresh and zesty, but it’s also very acidic and is actually a natural bleaching agent. It won’t reduce flaking and might even cause your scalp to sting!

  • Apple cider vinegar. Because it’s much more acidic than your skin, apple cider vinegar can cause redness and irritation on your scalp. Not the dandruff solution you’re looking for.

  • Mouthwash. Yes, it offers great antibacterial protection for your mouth, but it doesn’t cure dandruff. Keep using it for fresh breath though.

When added to the petri dish with Malassezia globosa, these natural ingredients didn’t offer any protection from the dandruff-causing fungus.

What’s an effective way to treat dandruff?

When it comes to dandruff, there’s one effective treatment you can count on – clinically proven anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner.

The active ingredients found in Head & Shoulders protect your scalp from Malassezia globosa irritants, to help keep you flake-free around the clock.

Try Head & Shoulders Apple Fresh Shampoo and Conditioner – they’re proven to prevent dandruff and leave your hair smelling terrific – much better than vinegar!

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