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Discover how Head & Shoulders has developed formulas designed to help just about anyone’s hair look better.

When it comes to hair care, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution (no matter how much we might wish otherwise).

In the case of dandruff, shampoos and conditioners contain an active ingredient that’s designed to help control and eliminate flakes and itchiness.

Head & Shoulders active ingredients do this by affecting a particular microbe, a yeast-like fungus called malassezia, which has been identified as the root cause of dandruff.

If you look at Head & Shoulders’ shampoos and conditioner ranges, however, you’ll notice that their active ingredients can be different.

To explain why that’s the case, let’s look at each of them.


Zinc Pyrithione

The active ingredient, zinc pyrithione (ZPT) has been a part of the Head & Shoulders formula since 1960.

Thanks to its anti-fungal properties, zinc pyrithione is great for treating mild and moderate cases of dandruff, helping to curtail the problems caused by malassezia and to protect your scalp from its effects.

Selenium sulphide

Powerfully effective against severe dandruff, selenium sulphide is the active ingredient in the Head & Shoulders Clinically Proven Solutions range.

Selenium sulphide is the antifungal active used in our strongest dandruff-fighting formulas, helping eliminate Malassezia globosa.

Our 1% selenium sulphide shampoo is both fast-acting and effective, starting to work from the first wash and keeping away serious scalp issues for up to seven days.

It also gently moisturizes to leave your hair soft and manageable.

If you have used our regular shampoos and conditioners exclusively for two weeks and are still experiencing flakes, we recommend switching to our shampoo with selenium sulphide to help get rid of them for good.

You can find out which active ingredient is included in your Head & Shoulders product by checking the label.

Our ranges give you a wealth of options for solving your dandruff problems.

That means that you can get flake-free hair while also tailoring your hair care regime to your individual needs. So not only do you feel better, you look great, too.

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