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Man in white runs his fingers through a girl in white’s healthy hair on the couch

Nothing looks better than healthy, happy locks. If you’re wondering how to get healthy hair, and how to keep your hair healthy after you’ve got it, we’ve created a quick guide below.

Tip 1: Look for key ingredients in your hair care

Just like in your skincare, the right ingredients in your hair can give you serious results. Look for nourishing, hydrating, and hair-happy ingredients.

Tip 2: Cool down in the shower

There’s nothing as satisfying as a hot shower, but your hair will thank you if you turn down the temp. When your shower is too hot, it dries out your hair, leaving it looking and feeling lackluster. It can also increase dandruff by irritating and drying out your scalp. Shower with warm, not hot water. If you want to add even more healthy shine, do one last cold rinse before you step out of the shower to help close the cuticles in your hair, leaving them looking shinier.

Tip 3: Don’t forget your scalp

Healthy hair starts at the scalp. Dandruff isn’t just annoying, it can actually damage your hair. When hair grows from a dandruff-irritated scalp, it has significantly more cuticle damage. The itching and scratching that accompany dandruff can damage and weaken hair even further, and weak hair is more prone to breakage. So make sure that you’re using products that aren’t just good for your hair, but are also good for your scalp.

Tip 4: Trim those dead ends

Dead ends don’t just drag down your look, they can actually damage the healthy parts of your hair. When you have split ends, they don’t stay split just at the end – the longer you have them, the more they’ll travel upwards, damaging the entire strand in the process. Get a trim every six weeks to ensure those ends, and the rest of your hair, stay healthy.

Tip 5: Don’t skip the conditioner

Think you don’t need a conditioner? Your hair and scalp may think differently. Shampoos are great at cleansing your hair, but they don’t nourish as well as a good conditioner. If you’re not used to using a conditioner, or you don’t want to swap from your one-and-done routine, consider going for a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner, which have the benefits of both in one bottle.

Follow these tips and your hair will be looking and feeling healthy in no time. For more expert tips on how to get your best hair, check out our Scalp Advice or take our Scalp Quiz!

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