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We get it… an effortless look takes a little, well, effort! Cue styling products and heat styling tools that help shape that individual and breezy look. But can styling your hair cause dandruff? Scroll on to find out…

The cause of dandruff

Dandruff is caused by a naturally occurring microbe on the scalp called Malassezia globosa.

Malassezia globosa feeds on the scalp’s natural oils, which are called sebum. When the sebum is broken down, it produces oleic acid.

1 in 2 people are sensitive to oleic acid, which the scalp reacts to by rapidly shedding its outer layer. This process causes flakes, redness and irritation. 

So, regardless of your styling routine, if you’re one of the 50% of people in the world sensitive to oleic acid, you’re likely to experience dandruff at some point in your life.

The effects of styling your hair

OK, so styling gives you that great hair look, but did you know that some styling routines can actually damage your hair and scalp no matter how good they make it look in the short term?

Heat styling every day, for example, can cause the following problems:

Add the potential for product build-up to the mix and your scalp can get a little irritated.

Learn more about how to style your hair without aggravating a dry scalp

How to maintain healthy hair and scalp

So, how do you avoid scalp worries when styling? A hot tip’s to dial down the heat.

If you can achieve the same look at a lower temperature, that’s what you should opt for. Then try to switch up use of those straighteners and go au naturel (with the help of a few golden styling products).

Just make sure you thoroughly cleanse strands between styling to remove any build-up.

Head & Shoulder’s new men’s styling collection’s uniquely designed to deliver strong results, while being kind to your scalp and skin. From styling gel to pomade and moulding clay, this bold new collection will help you style your way, without scalp worries.

Post style, thoroughly cleanse strands to remove product build-up and keep your hair and scalp fresh, healthy and naturally shiny.

The best solution here is a shampoo that gives your hair a thorough clean by removing build-up and leaving it looking beautiful. Cue our Instant Fresh Shampoo… it washes away dirt and product build-up, leaving your hair and scalp invigorated and 100% flake free.¹

Take care of your hair and scalp by ensuring the following: 

  • don’t use heat stylers every day

  • wait until your hair is completely dry before heat styling it

  • use a soft brush when styling your hair

  • use products that minimize heat damage and are kind to your scalp

Explore the cause of dandruff in more detail and get more tips and advice from the experts on the symptoms of dandruff and the causes of dandruff.

¹ visible flakes with regular use

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