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If you have curly hair, then you’ve likely experienced the dreaded frizz. Find out what causes it, and how to beat it.

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As anyone with curls knows, it brings its own unique challenges. One of the most common is frizz.

Basically, frizzy hair is caused when a hair fiber bends in a different direction than the other nearby fibers, causing it to stick out, look messy, or tangle.

There are two big factors that cause frizzy hair:

What makes curly hair frizz?

First, humidity. Water in the air is a huge cause of frizz. Our hair has a “memory” of its original shape before styling.

In humid conditions, moisture in the air moves into each hair strand. This small amount of water rearranges the temporary bonds inside the hair that helped it hold your style (known as “hydrogen bonds”).

Once this happens, hair “remembers” its natural shape, becoming frizz.

Any kind of damage can also cause frizz. That’s because damaged hair has a rougher outer cuticle layer, making it harder for hair strands to glide over one another, or fall into place.

The strands that don’t fall into place- the ones that bend in a different direction than the others- are frizz.

Having dandruff and unhealthy scalp can be damaging to hair, as can other common factors like scratching, styling, heat, and chemical treatments.

Fight the frizz

To tame your frizz, it’s important to take care of both your hair and your scalp. Following the steps below will help you to prevent hair damage, and keep your hair properly moisturized. Follow these tips:

1. Take good care of your scalp. Healthy scalps make healthy hair. It’s best to use a moisturizing anti-dandruff shampoo to keep scalp healthy & balanced

2. Use conditioner time you wash. Conditioner ingredients help smooth the outer layers of the cuticle, and protect them from damage.

3. Limit hot hair styling implements . If a heat appliance is too hot, it can actually cause the water in the hair to boil! The bubbles of steam inside the hair permanently damage fibers, making them frizzy and dry.

4. Be smart about hair dye & chemical treatments: Unfortunately all of these processes cause permanent damage to your hair’s structure, so try and limit your use of these treatments.

5. Keep hair properly moisturized with a nourishing shampoo and conditioner. This helps prevent hair from absorbing extra moisture from the air, to fight frizzy hair.

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