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Wavy hair sits somewhere between curls and straight hair. That makes knowing how to care for it tricky

Some might say that wavy hair gets the best of both worlds: the body of curls, without the challenge of caring for them.

Unfortunately, it’s seldom that simple, and wavy hair can fall prey to dandruff.

What makes hair wavy?

Hair shape is defined largely by the shape of your follicles, where the hair exits the skin on your scalp.

Curly hair has curved, J-shaped follicles, while straight hair follicles have less curve.. Wavy hair sits somewhere in between.

What this ends up meaning for wavy haired people is that caring for your hair falls somewhere in between as well.

 Like curly hair, wavy hair can mean that crucial scalp oils are unable to travel easily down hair strands, leading to problems including:

  • dry hair

  • scalp irritation

  • dandruff

These problems, plus styling and de-tangling your locks,  mean that you may find the cuticle becomes damaged.

Cuticles are the protective layer around the outside of your hair - they cover it like a coat of flexible armor.

Unfortunately, when these become damaged, hair becomes frizzy and can even break.

Wavy hair and hair products

People with wavy hair often turn to products to style their hair. Those with hair closer to curls want to tame the associated frizz, while those with straighter waves might be looking for more body (or even straighter locks).

The problem is that these products can and do build up in hair, and when that happens they can break down into potentially irritating substances.

Then there’s the potential damage caused by using hair straighteners.

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A good deep cleaning shampoo can help control some of these problems, clearing away product build up.

But for long-term hair health, and to avoid dandruff, you’ll need a bit more.

Caring for wavy hair

Caring for wavy hair means caring for your scalp, and avoiding build-up and irritation.

The best way to do this is with a good anti-dandruff shampoo - this will help protect your scalp from irritants, to prevent itch, flakes, and dryness.

A nourishing shampoo is a good option to help keep the scalp in good condition while deeply conditioning your hair.

Regular brushing is another great way of caring for wavy hair – this distributes the oils through your hair, both avoiding build-up and protecting your hair from damage.

So, with a little bit of care, you really can have the best of both worlds.

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