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Wavy hair sits in the middle ground between straight and curly hair, with all the versatility that entails. But it still needs care, as you’ll find here.

Very curly hair and wavy hair have a lot in common: both grow from asymmetrical follicles, and at an angle (the angle at which wavy hair grows is slighter).

In wavy hair, the strand is oval in shape, forming an elliptical pattern that’s the source of the wave.

This hair type carries a lot of benefits of both straight and curly hair – like straight hair, it’s fairly easy to manage, and but it’s got the easy body of curls.

It also has a couple of challenges.

Caring for wavy hair

Where curly hair can be dry, wavy hair has a different problem.

The twisting of hair fibers in wavy hair means that they’re prone to weakness and breakage.

This means you need to help strengthen and moisturize your hair as part of your routine.

Many shampoos, and conditioners particularly, have moisturizing properties that are great for improving wavy hair’s strength and suppleness.

How you dry your hair is important too: it’s best to let it air dry, as wet hair is weaker and can easily be broken or damaged.

If you’re worried about your hair flattening out over the course of a day, use a hairspray or styling mousse to keep the shape for longer.

If you do resort to these measures, however, it’s probably worth washing your hair more often; products can build up on your scalp and cause problems, so a thorough wash three times a week is a good idea.

And that’s about it, really – your waves give you an easy hair option every day. Lean into it, and enjoy.


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